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CAA Monthly Lecture: The Graphic Ephemeris & 90 Degree Dial, by Richard Fidler, 3 Apr 2016


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Date: 3 April 2016
Time: 10:30am for 11:00am
Venue: Shamballah, near Cape Point (directions)
Fee: Members free, non-members R50, all welcome!
A graphic ephemeris is a way of presenting astrological cycles that reveals at a glance when planets are forming an Aspect of some kind. It would be nearly impossible to see those events so clearly and easily if you were scanning through the columns of the conventional ephemeris structure. This way of depicting astrological data has a variety of specific applications. Your ability to identify important Transits and Progressions, in what would otherwise have been a formidable maze of numbers, can be greatly enhanced.

90 degree dial 2The 90 Degree Dial, as it’s widely known, is another handy tool for ordering data to reveal specific geometric relationships between planets. This tool is often used for Midpoint work, but it is also very useful for more general purposes, such as seeing at a glance when there are hard aspects between progressed and natal planetary positions.

In this practical presentation Richard Fidler will first explain how these tools work, and then facilitate a hands on group creation of a graphic ephemeris for 2016.

About Richard FidlerbabaRichard Fidler is a professional astrologer and teacher with over 25 years of experience in the field.

Richard started out on his astrological journey with conventional modern western astrology, but then began exploring Jyotish in 1997, and gradually integrated Jyotish into his methodology. He now uses Western and Vedic astrological methods side by side in his practice. Through his lectures and workshops he has been instrumental in bringing knowledge and awareness of Jyotish to the South African astrological community, and beyond.Richard spent several months in India in 2011 on a personal astrological pilgrimage to connect with Jyotish at its source, after years of self study. He has since visited India several times to learn and teach, and, since 2014, he has been a guest speaker at the annual conference of the Krishnamurti Institute of Astrology in Calcutta.

Richard has been published in the Mountain Astrologer magazine and several other publications, and is regularly invited to offer comment by the South African media. Richard is currently the chairperson of the Cape Town based Cape Astrology Association.

Outside of astrology Richard is actively involved in organic farming and eco-village creation, and is a founding member and current Secretary of the Sacred Earth Association.

Holding up Aphrodite’s Mirror: Cape Town, Saturday, 2 April 2016

aphrodite and marsAre Men from Mars and Women from Venus? Hold up Venus’s Mirror and re-forge Mar’s sword on Saturday, April 2nd at Cape Town Medi Spa as we explore our own erotic blue print and ask ourselves what these ancient archetypes mean in our lives today.

How is Love different from Desire? What is Erotic Love in a Digital Age? We’ll explore the deeper meanings of Venus and Mars in our horoscopes and discover that each one of us needs a different kind of loving.

We’ll be working with our own birth charts, so please have your birth data to hand when booking. All levels of astrology very welcome.

Date: Saturday, 2 April 2016

Where: Ubuntu Wellness Centre, 99 Kloof Street, Cape Town

Cost: R600 includes teas and coffee

R300 deposit secures your place

Please email me at to find out more

Predictive Techniques Workshops 2016


Workshops 2016

Predictive Techniques

Presented by Nancy Massing

Hallo Everyone,

Here are some dates to diarise, Saturday…

  • 30 April 2016 – Solar Return (year ahead prediction)
  • 4 June 2016 – Horary (asking specific questions)
  • 23 July 2016 – Graphic Ephemeris (90° ..) and transits
  • 10 September – Magic of Progressions (Solar Arcs, Progressed Sun and Moon cycles)
  • 22 October 2016 – re-run of one of the workshops…

Time to learn, refresh or hone some of your astrological predictive techniques? My workshops are interactive and the focus is on ensuring a sound understanding of the application of the techniques, backed by theory.

Venue: Shamballah Tea House, Cape Point (Cape Town)

For more details visit:

Or contact Nancy: