Cape Astrology Association

About Cape Astrology Association

Based in Cape Town South Africa, our dynamic association informs and inspires astrological activity. We strive to promote and publicize matters of interest to the astrological community and an ever-widening spectrum of the public by providing a regular platform for speakers, networking and publicizing all relevant astrological activity in South Africa.

We are a non-profit, non-sectarian and non-political body formed in 1989 to further and promote astrology in South Africa. We represent a body of student and professional astrologers, and those interested in astrology.


The CAA was established in 1989 as a network of astrologers and for those interested in astrology, with a mission to promote to a widening sector of the public and to assist fellow members to continually broaden their knowledge in all astrological matters.

In order to keep this mission as relevant as possible, we are interested to learn what astrological themes, in particular, are currently of interest to you or in which directions the astrological path is leading you. These insights will help us (the CAA) to promote greater acceptance and understanding of the value of astrology in contemporary society.


The monthly meetings on the last Sunday of the month have become a special highlight of both astrological learning and social interaction. They have been held in various locations over the years. With the sudden change of events in 2020, these special gatherings could be no more and the transition to online Zoom meetings was successfully made. In late 2022, the CAA successfully pioneered a hybrid live-online meeting at our new Cape Town venue where our presenter Zoomed in from America while a lovely group of Cape Town astrology enthusiasts gathered around a large screen television to watch and our national and international members and friends joined via Zoom. Going forward, our monthly talks will be hybrid live-Zoom gatherings when Michaela is in Cape Town, zoom online gatherings when she is away. We will be introducing live workshops in February 2023!


Our precious and well stocked library is now available at our lovely new venue 12 Periwinkle Place, Kommetjie where hybrid live-online monthly meetings are held when Michaela is in South Africa.


Many well-known astrologers have served on the CAA committee over the years. Karen James is the current Chairperson. Currently most of our events are online. However, we have plans for more live meetings across the country and live workshops. CAA was started by Rod Suskin in Cape Town in 1989. During lockdown we moved online and now have members from across South Africa. On the 24th of January 2024, the CAA will become the Community of South African Professional Astrologers [COSAPA]. Subscribe to our mailing list and watch our website to follow the exciting plans of ongoing developments!

CAA Committee Members Over The Years

Karen James - Chairperson

Karen James

Blends the best of Ancient Star-based Astrology with Modern Psychological Astrology – Natal, Relationship, Yearly Look Forward Readings. Weather Astrology Courses. Currently  Chairperson of Cape Astrology Association which will transition to Community of South African Professional Astrologers on the 24th of January 2024.

Nancy Massing

Nancy Massing served as chairperson of the Cape Astrology Association and an experienced professional astrologer. Her academic qualifications include BA and Honours in Psychology, SACAP Counselling and Communication Diploma and qualified with distinction from the three-year Diploma in Astrology, at the Rod Suskin School of Astrology. She is currently enrolled on a Masters degree (MSc) in Transpersonal Psychology. Nancy teaches astrology beginners courses and advanced predictive techniques. She consults with clients from her practices in Cape Town and the Netherlands via Zoom. 

Elna McKenzie

Besides Jyotish taught in a 500 year old tradition Elna has also been educated in other aspects of Vedic knowledge that includes ancient text such as Jaimini Sutras, Shiva Purana and Mantra Shastra. Together these form a basis of continuing studies.

Learn Vedic Astrology or have your horoscope analysed.

Richard Fidler

Served as Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson of CAA for a number of years. Richard Fidler has over 20 years of experience as a professional astrologer and teacher. Richard combines western and Vedic astrology is his practice.

Nick Dagan Best

Nick served as CAA Librarian during the years when the Cape Town meetings were held at Shamballah on the Cape Point.

Gary Cousins

Gary has 20 years of astrological experience, achieving an Honours Diploma from the Thorburn School of Astrology, in February 1996. Gary specialises in divinatory astrology, which is the astrology of answering specific questions which do not require a birth chart from the person asking the question. This form of astrology, also known as Horary astrology, can be used for business, career, legal matters and of course relationship questions.

Monica Cromhout

In her work as an astrologer, Monica focuses on the high potentials revealed in a birth-chart and the signposts that point the way. In our journey towards perfection, there are obstacles to overcome, gifts to develop, and choices to make.

Since 1996 she has worked as an astrologer, first as a part-time interest, and then as a full-time passion. Before that, her background was in corporate strategic planning, training of counsellors and writing and publishing.

Rod Suskin

Rod has been practicing as a full-time astrologer since 1989. He was initiated as a Swazi Sangoma in 1982 and has since continued his studies of African healing and spiritual traditions under the guidance of Xhosa healers. Rod is the author of four published books and is regularly published in major South African journals, magazines and newspapers. Rod teaches a three-year diploma course in professional astrology.