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CAA Monthly Talk: VASTU, the Ancient Indian Art of Sacred Geometry, Bipin Prag, 26 July 2015, Shamballah

Vastu by Bipin Prag

Yoga for Your Home, Ayurveda for your Environment


Speaker: Bipin Prag

Date and time: 26 July 2015, 10:30 for 11:00am

Venue: Shamballah, near Cape Point

Directions: coming over Red Hill from Cape Town’s side you turn left at the bottom. Shamballah is just a bit further on and to your left. Coming from Simonstown around Cape Point, pass the Nature reserve entrance on the left, then the Nursery on your right and Shaballah is straight after that.

Fee: members free, non-members R50


Vastu is the ancient Vedic science as the great grandfather of feng shui, which explores the astrological guidelines that harmonises Mind Body & Soul to minimize stress and promote good health and wellbeing.

Just as a horoscope is divided into various houses, each one representing a different aspect of life, similarly, a physical environment is divided into various energetic spaces that can be activated for the benefit of its occupants.

Bipin will introduce you to this wonderful subject and share some practical remedies that you can apply in your own home and in consultations with clients.

About Bipin Prag

Bipin PragBipin Prag is a Vedic Astrologer, with a special interest in this ancient school of astrology for its predictive techniques and understanding of the soul’s purpose.

He is also a Vastu consultant, who has a flair for property and design and is able to incorporate this ancient science to finding practical solutions to life’s challenges within the context of Astrology and the environment for private and corporate clients.

Bipin has a financial services background and currently runs a rental and business consultancy in the property sector.  He is also co-founder of the ARGO Astrology Conferences and Workshops which have successfully hosted many of the top International and local astrologers over the years.

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