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Panic Disorders and Astrology: A Personal Journey of Self-Empowerment by Eric Pride. 28 March 2021

Date: Sunday 28 March 2021

Time: 4:50 pm for 5 pm SAST (please note that it’s an afternoon event)

Venue: Zoom meeting (link access from 4:50 pm)

Fee: Please see Payment details Everyone Welcome!

About the Presentation

Mental health disorders are the leading cause of ill health and disability globally. While treatment is available, nearly two-thirds of people suffering never seek help. This is often due to the stigma still attached to a mental health diagnosis. In this lecture, Eric will explore the potential signatures within a natal chart that may point specifically to panic disorders. He will provide examples from his growing research on the topic and share insights into statistical data.

Beyond the identification of potential panic in the chart, the lecture will also explore possible triggers by planetary motion that may activate the primal fight-or-flight response, which sits at the root of a panic attack. This lecture is not meant to provide individuals with the tools to complete a diagnosis or administer treatment for mental illness. As always, this should be administered by a licensed clinician. However, it provides a fuller understanding of the experiences that our friends, family, and clients may be facing.

About the Speaker

Eric Pride

Eric Pride was born and raised in Pennsylvania, in the United States where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. He first began studying astrology in 2004 with a local metaphysics group. This introduction was the gateway to Eric’s quick passion for the arts. Eric has trained at the RASA School of Astrology, The International Academy of Astrology, and holds a Horary certificate from the Astrological Institute of Research.

Prior to the publication’s closure, Eric wrote a weekly astrology column for Spiral Nature Magazine. Eric has also lectured at NCGR and SOTA conferences. Over the last 4 years, he has been a frequent guest on the IGYN radio show. Recently he joined the panel for the Evolutionary Astrology group AstroSpeak. Eric spends most of his time now consulting, teaching, co-running the Lancaster Astrology MeetUp, and working on his research.

You can follow what Eric has been up to at

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