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CAA talk cancelled: 19Sep

sun bright light**URGENT NOTICE** Talk cancelled due to unforseen circumstances. sincere apologies!! CAA Committee

SPEAKER: Rod Suskin

DATE: Thursday 19 September 2013, 6:30pm for 7.00pm

VENUE: the Theosophical Society, 3 Rheede st. (just off Kloof st.)

FEE: CAA members free, R50 for non-members (booking not necessary)

Our next gathering will be addressed by Rod Suskin who will be sharing his insights on Solar Returns. This is bound to be an enlightening talk, so please join us!

This will be the first meeting we host at our new venue: the Cape Town Lodge of the Theosophical Society. Tea and coffee will be served. We look forward to seeing you there.

Astrology and Liberation into Individuality: Thursday 18 July , iKhaya Lodge, Cape Town

Sun and ZodiacSPEAKER: Monica Cromhout 

DATE: Thursday 18th July, 6:30pm for 7.00pm

VENUE: iKhaya Lodge, Cape Town (click here for map)

FEE: CAA member free, R30 for those who are not members of the CAA (Booking not necessary)

Everyone is unique, in every way. The work of the astrologer is to enable that individuality to disentangle itself from the masks, behaviours and expectations of our society – and to release the freedom, power, and joy of their uniqueness.

In order to fit in – to be part of the tribe, to blend with world around us – there are some common ways in which we limit and disempower ourselves. Helping our astrology clients discover these self-inhibiting ways of thinking and being is a life-changing gift to them.

Bring along your own birth-chart, and a tri-wheel chart with current progressions and transits. Also bring a clipboard to press on, and if you can, a couple of highlighters to mark your chart while we speak. If you are not able to print your own charts, send your birth details (date, place and time of birth) and I’ll print them out for you, and bring them along. Email

This is a big topic, and impossible to cover completely in the 50 minutes we are allotted by the venue. So we’ll stick to the point and cover as much ground as we can. When the time is up, it will be up. If you’re able to stay on a bit longer afterwards, we can chat informally about this topic.

About Monica Cromhout:

In 1985, when uranus opposed itself, I began a serious study of astrology. For decades before, I had studied many other things – the Bible and theology, world religions, ancient history, nursing, psychology and counselling skills, sociology, business practice, strategic planning, and more. I also worked my way through an astonishing career and other interesting life experiences. 
In 2007, when Saturn returned to itself for the second time, a massive loss and deep grief gave way to a transformation of my understanding of the the workings of the cycles of the planets. Astrology aligned with divine synchronicities. 
I was already fully occupied with my work as an astrologer, but with the new insights, there was also an acceleration of change within myself, in my world, and also in the kind of clients who come for readings. More than ever, they became my teachers. My other teacher is nature herself, with all her patterns, rhythms, cycles and archetypes. 
Life took a new direction, and everything moved to another level, including the way I work as an astrologer.
I am now – beyond all doubt – well into my senior years. With a sun newly progressed into Capricorn, I am aware of a responsibility to share what I have learned with those who will follow on, and who are interested in knowing the astrology of the shamanic path.  

Your Hands and Your Horoscope: Lucky draw!


Upcoming event: CAA Monthly speaker; Topic: Your Hands and your Horoscope

Date: Thursday 20th June 2013; Time: 18h30 for 19h00; Venue: iKhaya Lodge


Last chance to enter the LUCKY DRAW!!  Reply to this email with “pick me” in the subject line  (or go to our Facebook page), it could be your hands and horoscope that are analyzed!  The draw will be held on the 13th June.

Full details here:  or in this flyer: 20th June Speaker flyer.


The Cape Astrology Association (CAA) hosts monthly talks relating to Astrology.  Find out more at, or chat to us on Facebook.

Your Hands and Your Horoscope: Thursday 20 June 2013, iKhaya Lodge


Upcoming event: CAA Monthly speaker

Topic: Your Hands and your Horoscope

Date: Thursday 20th June 2013

Time: 18h30 for 19h00

Venue: iKhaya Lodge

This month we’re discussing Your Hands and your HoroscopeJennifer Hirsch and Dianne Garven will be doing a comparative analysis of one lucky readers Astrology chart, as well as their hand reading.


If you would like to enter the lucky draw for the comparative analysis: Reply to this email with “pick me” in the subject line  (or go to our Facebook page).

The draw will be held on the 13th June.  The lucky winner will need to meet with the hosts beforehand for hand prints, and provide D.O.B details.   You get to take home a recording of the session, professionally done hand prints and your natal chart.


Admission: Free for CAA members/ R30 for non-members.

Available for purchase at the talk: God Given Glyphs Book (R170); ♦Bound A5 e-books ‘Craft of Hand Reading’ and ‘Traits of Being – A-Z’ (R150 for both); ♦Lunar Calendars at the giveaway price of R40.


Jen 20Jun

Jennifer Hirsch has been a pioneer in the art of Chirology for over 20 years.  She is a successful Chirologist, writer, intuitive counsellor and hand reading teacher. She uses Chirology as a powerful means by which to connect, support, listen, understand and heal.


Di 20Jun

Dianne Garven is an experienced practitioner of ‘traditional astrology’, and is most happy when making a positive difference in her client’s lives.  She hosts Astrology workshops, tutors Diploma students, and teaches an Astrology foundation course.


The Cape Astrology Association (CAA) hosts monthly talks relating to Astrology.  Find out more at, or chat to us on Facebook.

20th June Speaker flyer

Systems of Hand Reading: Thursday 16 May 2013, iKhaya Lodge

palm reading

Upcoming event: CAA Monthly speaker

Topic: Systems of Hand Reading

Date: Thursday 16th May 2013

Time: 18h30 for 19h00.

Venue: iKhaya Lodge

This month the Cape Astrology Association (CAA) is pleased to welcome Jennifer Hirsch, who will be talking about the Systems of Hand Reading.

Jennifer will be exploring diverse reading systems, including the associated astrological system, as well as her 5 element system.  She will be sharing with us how the different styles of Chirology, Hand Reading and Palmistry offer a powerful means by which to connect with, support and heal others.

Please bring your hands, and your questions!


Jen HirshJennifer Hirsch has been a pioneer in the art of Chirology for over 20 years.  She is a successful Chirologist, writer, intuitive counsellor and hand reading teacher. Jennifer is presently based in Cape Town.

Jenifer has published a book entitled GOD GIVEN GLYPHS, Decoding Fingerprints. Jennifer’s book illustrates fingerprints along with their associated character traits.  Read more about Jennifer and her book here:

Admission: free for CAA members/ R30 for non-members

Copies of God Give Given Glyphs will be available for purchase at the talk.

Test Your Astrological Skills: 18 April 2013, iKhaya Lodge

Join us on Thursday the 18th of April 2013, 18:30 for 19:00, at iKhaya Lodge for the monthly CAA meeting.

We’re trying something new for April’s meeting which should prove to be both fun and informative. The audience will be presented with a set of astrological birth charts, about five, that belong to anonymous people, along with five biographical sketches, including dates of some key events. You need to use your astrological acumen to match each chart to its correct bio.

We’ll be brainstorming this as a group, trying to find the correct matches by comparing the charts and biographical outlines.

Diane Garven and Richard Fidler will facilitate and guide the discussion.

See you there!

New Website of Cape Astrology Association

The New Website goes live

The CAA committee were unanimous in their enthusiasm about this event chart! Mercury is aptly in the 10th House (public information) with Neptune. Let’s face it, astrology is unusual and mysterious information. Let’s hope the Pisces and Neptune influence on Mercury is more inspiration than misinterpretation!

The Sun, Venus, Mars and Uranus are all in Conjunction in the 11th House. Wow! Yes, this site is engaging with our many members? There are boys (Mars), girls (Venus), dignitaries (Sun), and astrologers (Uranus) all enjoying our website! Hooray!

Jupiter is in the 1st House; you can learn a lot from this noble creature!