Cape Astrology Association

CAA Monthly Lecture: Astro Mythology, by Nancy Massing, 2 April 2017, Shamballah

Date: Sunday 2 April 2017
Time: 10:30am for 11:00am
Venue: Shamballah, near Cape Point (directions)
Fee: Members free, non-members R50, all welcome!

Astrology is a blend of celestial mathematics and the more abstract symbolic language of myth. The planets in western astrology have been named after the gods of ancient Greece and Rome, and the stories and allegories of ancient mythology help unlock the meaning of the astrological script. The pastimes, misadventures and shenanigans of the gods provide us with a mirror in which we can find our own challenges and possibilities revealed.

Join Nancy Massing as she walks us through the rich world of astro-mythology, and demonstrates how to invoke mythic concepts and motifs as a tool in chart interpretation.


Nancy Massing has a graduate Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, graduate Counseling and Coaching Diploma and a three year Diploma in Astrological Studies from the Rod Suskin School of  Astrology. She specialises in natal (birth chart) readings and predictions of cycles short and longer term, using  traditional astrological principles. You can contact her from her website

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