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CAA Monthly Lecture: Black Moon Lilith – Hidden Aspects of Primal Feminine Power, by Michaela Meiser, 31st July 2022

Date: Sunday 31 July 2022

Time: 15:50 for 16:00 SAST (afternoon event)

Venue: Zoom meeting (room access and friendly community chat from 15:50 am)

Fee: Please see Payment details everyone is Welcome.

About the Presentation

Black Moon Lilith – The Unseen Factor

Much of Lilith’s power lies in the dark. Like a blind spot that needs to be mirrored to be seen.

Mirrored through events and others, Lilith serves as an initiator and mostly as a scapegoat.  Often confused with the darker powers of Scorpio and Capricorn, black moon Lilith shares certain qualities with them. Feared from the beginning for her unyielding strength and demand of equality.

She plays a largely unknown and often misinterpreted role from the very beginning of mankind….

She was the first wife of Adam, according to the scripts, she even gave birth to him! In that sense, Lilith is the Great Mother, both giver and taker of life and the most encompassing female power there is.

So much power can only be feared and therefore demonized.  The story goes that a fight broke out between Adam and Lilith as she was not prepared to “lie underneath” Adam – meaning in essence, she refused to be anything less than equal! It was not superiority she demanded. No. Simply one thing – total and uncompromising equality of the genders!

As the story continues Lilith opted to leave paradise rather than to be made inferior and did not falter when threatened. The challenge with Lilith is that if you are not able to hold her power, her power will have a hold over you! And there is always a price to pay!

About the Speaker

Michaela was born in Austria and came to South Africa in her early 20’s to work in the hospitality industry, living in many parts of the country including Namibia. In the 90’s she became interested in astrology and began her studies with a range of Cape and International Astrologers, including Monica Cromhout, Marelna Du Plessis (Polarity), Hannelore Traugott (Austria – Lilith) and the London Faculty of Astrological Studies, as well further studies in the field of the healing arts (Polarity Therapy) and Practical Philosophy. A deep interest in music, languages, healing and nature keeps her enganged in ongoing studies, currently training as a permaculture practicioner.

Currently serving as co-chairperson for the CAA, Michaela has given a range of talks over the last years, both in person and on zoom and is available for consultations, talks, translations and workshops in both German and English.

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WhatsApp or Signal: +27 83 264 0547

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