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CAA Monthly Lecture: Esoteric Transmissions in Egyptian Astrology, by Samten de Wet, 28 Feb 2016

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Date and Time: Sunday 28 Feb 2016, 10:30 for 11am

Venue: Shamballah Tea House

Fee: Members free, non-members R50, all welcome

The Road to Shamballah: coming over Red Hill from False Bay, steer left at the bottom (right to Scarborough). Shamballah is a bit further on and to your left. Coming from Simonstown around Cape Point, pass the Nature Reserve entrance on the left, then the Nursery on your right which is soon followed by Shaballah.

Esoteric Transmissions in Egyptian Astrology
Denderah zodiacThis lecture will be a condensed version of a longer presentation by Samten at the Astrology Restored Conference in November 2015. It deals with a crucial stage of astrology’s historical development: the Alexandrine Renaissance and the great cultural hybridity that took place between Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Babylonian transmissions, amongst others.   In this presentation Samten will weave together examples of the interface of astrology with the Egyptian Zodiac of Denderah, the zodiac coffins, The Corpus Hermeticum, and the Decans, the Gnostics, the Magical Gems and papyri, and from this excavation, pointing to how history can inspire us towards future creative astrological activity. Illustrated with slides.

Samten de WetSamten de Wet is an intrepid and seasoned researcher of history, art and esotericism. In the course of his extensive travels he has  met and collaborated with many great teachers of religion, spirituality and mysticism.

His understanding of and interest in astrology has been fostered by his fascination with hermeticism, alchemy and mythology. Samten’s erudition in the realms of history and culture enables him to provide valuable context to astrology’s historical development and vissisitudes.

You can find out more about his work and publications through his website:

We look forward to seeing you there!

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