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CAA Monthly Lecture: Exploring the ‘Imum Coeli’, by Michaela Meiser, 24 Nov 2019

Date: Sunday 24th November 2019

Time: 10:30am for 11am

Venue: Shamballah, near Cape Point (directions)

Fee: R50 for non-members (all welcome!)

Exploring the “Imum Coeli”

In this talk we focus on the IC of the horoscope, literally translated from Latin as the “lowest point”, also known as Nadir.

Generally interpreted as home, origin, house of the father and indicating the cusp of the 4th house in most house systems, we will also look at the meaning of this point falling into different houses when working with equal or whole house systems.

Join me on a journey to uncover this inner navel point, forming our deepest personal and most intimate connection to the universe. Finding your personal well point and innermost connection to source, enables us to access our own inner resources. Thus, we can draw on our inner strength and find our place of personal retreat and nourishment, hidden from view, just like the roots of a tree. (opposite the MC, the public, most visible point)

This is our personal, intimate point of re-connecting to source, helping us to find our way home.

About the Speaker

Michaela Meiser

Michaela is an Austrian born astrologer trained in Polarity therapy and offers consultations, talks, workshops and retreats in both Austria and Kommetjie, Cape Town.
With a heavily loaded IC/MC Axis she travels between the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, periodically interchanging home and work in both countries. Her South African base is also available for holidays, workshops and retreats.

More Info and contact details on and

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