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CAA Monthly Lecture: Introduction to Naksatra Jyotisa: Vedic Astrology of the Stars , by Nathan Theo Naicker, 27th March 2022

Date: Sunday 27 March 2022

Time: 4:50 pm for 5 pm SAST (afternoon event)

Venue: Zoom meeting (room access and friendly community chat from 4:50 pm)

Fee: Please see Payment details  – everyone is welcome!

About the Presentation

An introduction to Vedic Astrology of the Stars

In this talk Nathan explains the derivation of the Sidereal Zodiac from the Naksatras (stars), and describes the two Naksatra Mandala schemes which deciper the messages of the Stars for the World and for Collective Evolution. He will also present us with the description of Naksatra Yoga to understand the meaning of our personal Birth Star and the interaction between ourselves and life – both within and without.

Bring your personal chart along to the presentation, as Nathan will show us how to find our own birth star. Don’t miss this opportunity to get another perspective on your birth chart and catch a glimpse of the ancient mysteries of Vedic Astrology in action.

About the Speaker

Nathan Theo Naicker has a background as a petroleum engineer in the oil and gas industry and has been practicing astrology professionally since 2014. He began learning psychological astrology in 2010, then moved onto traditional Western astrology with qualifications in natal, horary, mundane, locational, and medical branches.

He has a diploma in Medieval Astrology (Zoller, 2012) and a Diploma in Astrological Studies (Suskin, 2014). Since 2016, he began studying a holistic form of Vedic Astrology in an oral tradition in India dating back to the 1200’s, and visits India 2 – 3 months a year for that purpose.

His specialised consultations take into account factors from both Western and Vedic astrological traditions. Nathan runs retreats in South Africa, and hosts webinars, workshops, and private courses online in both Western and Vedic Astrology. He is an Upadhaya or skilled assistant teacher for the Jyotisa Guru in India, where he facilitates a course of 200 students from around the world. He is also a regular teacher for Kepler College (USA), and has spoken at international conferences as ISAR (2022), IAA Breaking Down the Borders (2016, 2018, 2020, 2022).

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WhatsApp: +27-66 213 9501

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