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CAA Monthly Lecture: Methods to make Horary Astrology come Alive! by Laurie Naughtin, 24th April 2022

Date: Sunday 24 April 2022

Time: 4:50 pm for 5 pm SAST (afternoon event)

Venue: Zoom meeting (room access and friendly community chat from 4:50 pm)

Fee: Please see Payment details  – everyone is welcome!

About the Presentation

The premise behind Horary Astrology is that a question, like a person, is born at a unique and specific moment.

In this talk Laurie will cover methods used in Horary. It is not simply casting a chart and reading it. The Horary Chart comes alive; it holds so much relevant information. Laurie will share examples of charts, demonstrating the use of several methods used to find the answer.

It is amazing how accurately the chart will cover the questions asked. This takes careful delineation that will uncover all sorts of interesting facts. Horary will find the answers to a specific question that comes up in our everyday life – ranging from health, career, love, weather, employees, pets, moving home and any number of situations that fill our lives.

For many centuries Horary was the mainstay of astrology practices. William Lilly used to set up his stand at fairs and tend to a long line of people with everday questions. Many of his clientele came without a birth date, let alone a time of birth.

About the Speaker

Laurie Naughtin brings her sensitivity, rich life experience and extensive knowledge to every client with whom she consults. She combines both a medical and metaphysical past with her astrology talents. Laurie is the founder of Sublunar Academy of Astrology where courses of Traditional, Horary and advanced Astrology skills are taught. She has been practising astrology since 1998.

Laurie is strong in rectification and is an internationally accredited Horary Practitioner. She has qualified in Traditional Magic and Electional Astrology taught by Christopher Warnock, Medieval Astrology by Robert Zoller and Time Rectification by Lynette Martins. Laurie recently qualified in the Weather Astrology Course taught by Karen James and completed her ISAR Consulting Skill Course in 2012.

She has been on the Astrology South Africa Committee for 8 years and elected Director of ASA since 2018.

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WhatsApp: +27-83 268 3156

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