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CAA Monthly Lecture. When a Flower Speaks: Quintiles & Septiles, by Alex Trenoweth, Sunday 24th May 2020

Date: Sunday, 24th May 2020

Time: 10:45 for 11am

Venue: Zoom meeting (link access from 10:30am)

Fee: As a gift to the astrological community our first online webinar meeting is for free. All welcome!

About the talk

The presence of quintiles and septiles in a chart invites us to look beyond the ordinary and explore a world of the unexpected. From out of body experiences, religious conversions, encounters with God and even alien abductions, these unusual aspects create a gateway to allow us to see beyond our ordinary existence. Alex investigates famous mystic moments to help understand and add meaning to events beyond conventional expectation.

About Dr Alex Trenoweth

Alex, MA (CAA), DFAstrolIS, CIA Agent 144 is an astrological researcher and professional schoolteacher in London UK. In 2015, she was awarded “International Astrologer of the Year” by the Krishnamurti Institute of Astrology (KIA) for her ground-breaking and innovative research on Astrology and Education based on her book “Growing Pains” (The Wessex Astrologer). Since then she has spoken at astrology conferences around the world and has contributed to major magazines and publications such as The Career Astrologer (OPA), The ISAR Journal, The Journal of research for AFA (Grant Trust) and Kindred Spirit.

From 2016, Alex has worked tirelessly in her role as Secretary-General and Vice Principle of KIA to bring Western and Vedic Astrologers together for the institute of Vedic Culture Conference in Kolkata India which aimed to promote better understanding, scholarship and, most importantly, friendship between astrologers of different cultures. In 2018, KIA awarded her an honourary PhD for her research on “Adolescent Behaviour and Lunar Phase” as well as an award for Outstanding Service to Astrology.

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