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CAA Monthly Zoom Lecture. Finding Your Life Purpose Through Draconic Astrology by Victor Olliver. 29th November 2020

Date: 29th November 2020

Time: 10:45am for 11am (SAST)

Venue: Zoom meeting (link access from 10:45am)

Fee: Please see: attendance payment. All welcome!

Pse: Pse note that bookings close at 5pm on the 28th November – only the Zoom recording after this time.

About the lecture

Draconic astrology is an ancient Babylonian technique which takes the North Node as the starting point of a birth chart that’s supplementary to the tropical birth chart. This is designed to shed light on a person’s spiritual or life purpose. Victor examines the tropical and draconic biwheel charts of many famous people (e.g. Greta Thurburg, Hedy LaMarr) and significant events (e.g. Covid-19) to show just how accurate this little-known system can be.

About the speaker

Victor Olliver (BA, DMS Astrol, MAPAI) has been editor since 2014 of world-renowned The Astrological Journal bimonthly magazine, published by the UK-based Astrological Association. He has a distinction diploma in natal and mundane astrology from the Mayo School of Astrology and has talked at a number of astrology conferences, most recently at the online Astrology Student Conference. Before he became a full-time astrologer he was an award-winning feature writer for many publications such as The Times, The Sunday Times, Marie Claire and Australian Women’s Weekly. Trained as a lawyer and a member of the English Bar, he lives on the south coast of England.

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