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CAA Monthly Zoom Meeting. Astrology and Music by Michaela Meiser. 28 February 2021

Picture by Dr. Oskar Adler – The Critique of Pure Music

Date: Sunday, 28 February 2021

Time: 4.45 pm for 5 pm SAST (please note it’s an afternoon event)

Venue: Zoom meeting (link access from 4.50 pm SAST).

Fee: Please see Payment details. Everyone Welcome!

In this talk about Music and Astrology, Michaela explains the connections of the “Harmony of the Spheres” as explored by Pythagoras and Kepler. Touching also on the context of her latest translation project, where Austrian Astrologer, Physician and Musician, Dr. Oskar Adler (1875 – 1955; Author of ‘The Testament of Astrology’) focuses on the metaphysical aspects of music and the arts. As planets are allocated to specific tones, their arrangements in triads form the base of our musical scales and our perception of harmony. Delving deeper into mathematical connections, angles and geometry, we can see the correlation to the interpretation of aspects in astrological practice. What is the inherent quality in a specific angle? What is the central tone or planet of a specific star shape? How do the planetary ruler pairs work together musically and what is the secret behind the structure of the piano keyboard?

About Michaela P.E. Meiser – Austria/South Africa

Born on 9 October 1966 in Linz, Austria, Michaela emigrated to South Africa in her early 20’s and began her astrological and polarity-therapy training in Cape Town around the turn of the century. Then a single raising mom with 2 kids and self-employed in the travel industry, she still calls both countries her home. A deep interest in music, languages, healing, and metaphysics keeps her engaged in ongoing studies. Further studies in Austria include Psychological Astrology with a special focus on Black Moon Lilith in Salzburg and Practical Philosophy in Vienna. She currently studies for her Diploma with the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London. Her special interest lies in combining astrology with the healing art of polarity therapy and combining readings with bodywork.

As a member of the Cape Astrology Association (CAA), she has given a range of talks on Astro-Polarity and Black Moon Lilith and has run retreat workshops in both countries. Her latest project was the translation of an old German script, “The Critique of Pure Music”, recently published in a joint effort with US Astrologer, Author and Publisher, Amy Shapiro. Michaela is available for consultations, talks, workshops and translations in both English and German. More info and contact details on: or

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