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CAA Montly Lecture, 31 Jan 2016: Aphrodite’s Mirror and Mars’ Sword, by Ingrid Hoffman

Aphrodite on the oceanSpeaker: Ingrid Hoffman, Astrologer and Imago Practitioner

Date and time: Sunday 31 January 2016, 10:30 for 11:00am

Venue: Shamballah, near Cape Point

Directions: coming over Red Hill from False Bay, steer left at the bottom (right to Scarborough). Shamballah is a bit further on and to your left. Coming from Simonstown around Cape Point, pass the Nature Reserve entrance on the left, then the Nursery on your right which is soon followed by Shaballah.

Fee: members free, non-members R50

mars raging

Venus makes the first move in earthy Capricorn and Mars rises to the occasion in steamy Scorpio on January 31st 2016. Join me at Shamballah to explore together the seductive allure of Venus in our birth charts and the potent energy of Mars. We’ll honour and invoke these powerful archetypes and take a look at some birth charts as we share our passion for astrology and learn from each other.

My upcoming Cape Town workshop is entitled Holding Aphrodite’s Mirror, based on a successful London workshop with a wonderful group of British and Welsh astrologers. Meet me at Ubuntu in Kloof Street on February 20th 2016. I am planning more workshops on the Outer Planets as celestial mirrors this year.

About me: I’m a student of astrology. I’ve had the great privilege of learning from the very best in the UK and in Eire. I taught astrology and presented workshops in Eire and have had the joy of working with and learning from many wonderful clients there and in the Mother City.

There is much astrology can gain from psychology so I introduced a therapeutic dimension to my client work with Imago Relationship Therapy. I am intrigued how the metaphors and rich language of astrology reveal so much about our relationships and our sex lives. My work has been influenced by sex therapist, Esther Perel and Couples Therapist and Relationship Coach Hedy Schleifer. My husband and I have experienced their life-enhancing trainings in our own growth towards conscious relationship. My own work with my clients continues to evolve as I mature and gratefully embrace my Second Saturn Return and another Jupiter Return in 2016!


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We look forward to seeing you at Shamballah for this vibrant first lecture of 2016!

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