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CAA Presents: “Between Heaven and Earth” – Heliacal Rising and Setting Stars – by Christian Koenig, Sunday 30 October 2022

Date: Sunday 30 October 2022

Time: 3:45 pm for 4 pm SAST (please note this is an afternoon event) or 2:45 for 3 pm CET

Venue: Zoom meeting (link access from 3:45 pm SAST // 2:45 pm CET)

Fee: Please see Payment details Everyone is Welcome!

About the Presentation

There’s a very ancient link that humanity has with the stars. Long before there were planets the stars were acknowledged and recognized as divine. Especially the ascent of the soul was a predominant theme. The Pyramid Texts consider that the soul comes from the stars and returns back to them after death.

Astrologically, star phasing mirrors this: Some stars become visible after being absent from the sky (heliacal rising), others return to Earth after living with the immortal circumpolar stars (heliacal setting).

In this presentation, Christian will encounter these two special stars that guide you. Everyone has a heliacal rising and setting star; it’s a bridge between Heaven and Earth, an important life theme beyond the chart.

About the Speaker

Christian Koenig, born at the autumn equinox, is in love with astrology since he was 11 years old and has studied astrology for more than 35 years.

Christian is a “Certified Astrologer of the German Astrological Association” and an astrological training supervisor. He has an astrological clientele and also works as a licensed depth psychologist and trauma therapist holding an university degree equivalent to a MA in psychology.

It is his passion to bring back the starry sky to astrology – the holistic view and delineation of the whole sky (fixed stars, constellations, and planets). He lives and works in Muenster, a German city in the north-western part of Germany near the border to the Netherlands.

To contact Christian please write to:

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