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CAA Presents: “Digits & Dermatoglyphics”, with Jennifer Hirsh on 25 September 2022.

Date: Sunday 25 September 2022

Time: 3:45 pm for 4 pm SAST (please note that it’s an afternoon event)

Venue: Zoom meeting (link access from 3:45 pm)

Fee: Please see Payment details Everyone is Welcome!

About the Presentation

With their many interconnected mythologies​, astrology and palmistry are allies. With palmistry, we ground the wisdom of astrology into the physical realm of the hand.

In this talk, I’ll discuss fingers, their individual phalanges and each of their governing celestial bodies, and take a look at how well these correlate with interpreting the forms of our digits through the lens of 5 element chirology.

We are pleased to have Jen back as our speaker, following on from her presentation last year on mounts and their markings – you can purchase a view link from our video library if you are not a member (for details see talk post August 2021

Dont miss this special event to learn more about this complementary discipline to further your astrological horizon!

About the Speaker

Chirologist, writer, intuitive counselor, hand reading teacher, and Mosiac artist Jennifer Hirsch had pioneered Chirology in South Africa since 1991. She lives in South Coast, KZN, South Africa, where she reads people’s hands (in person or online) and teaches Chirology. Jennifer has a YouTube channel that is dedicated to helping people to read hands.

She has authored five books about Chirology, palmistry, and hands reading: Illustrated Chirology Palmistry Hand reading; God Given Glyphs – Fingerprints; Training Manual – How to read Hands and Palmistry – Sign & Symbols on the Mounts; The Craft of Palmistry: Five Element Chirology and Cross-Referencing Hands – Traits A – Z. You can contact Jen: Cell: 0824150653

You can find more information on her website. or Facebook page

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