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CAA Presents: Dimensions of Relationships, with Astro-Therapist Amy Shapiro M.Ed, Sunday, 27 June 2021

Date: Sunday 27 June 2021

Time: 4.45 pm for 5 pm SAST (please note that it’s an afternoon event)

Venue: Zoom meeting (link access from 4.45 pm am)

Fee: Please see Payment details Everyone Welcome!

About the Presentation

Join Amy for her all-encompassing presentation on the dynamics of relationships. In this talk, she will be sharing with us the Interpersonal Dynamics From Many Perspectives, which include: Natal Chart Indicators, Transits and Progressions, Synastry, Composite Chart (mid-point) AND the “Relationship” Chart (mid-time)

Amy invented the Relationship Chart at the same time as Ronald Davison! Come hear how she approaches this fascinating realm!

About the Speaker

American Astrologer whose interest in astrology and metaphysics began in 1965 with teacher Isabel Hickey at the Boston School of Astrology. Amy was active in Star Rovers Astrological Assn. In the 1970’s she worked for an astrological publisher editing texts, including the “Planets In…” series.

Amy was a Customer Relations Consultant for Astral Research, and wrote for Horoscope Magazine, Dell and other publications. In 1978, Amy founded the Cape Ann School of Astrology to offer astrology programs and teach the lectures of Dr. Oskar Adler, “The Testament of Astrology.” In 2000, she began the process of publishing this 7-vol course, along with her biography on Dr. Adler.

From 1988 to 1990, Amy hosted a weekly ‘Good Heavens!” radio shows, which evolved into a cable TV series in Massachusetts. For many years she wrote a “Good Heavens!” monthly Transit Report,  promoting the positive, joyful use of astrology, and was a popular guest on cable shows, including one special appearance on the Joe Franklin Show. Her guest lectures included those at various astrological associations, and she offers private Online astrology classes and consults via Zoom.

Amy’s academic training includes a BA in Education and Psychology from Curry College and an M. Ed in Guidance and Counseling Psychology from Boston College; training at Harvard Medical School’s Mind/Body Institute and New England Society for Clinical Hypnosis. Her practice of T’ai Chi deepens her work as a healer. Exploring the Akashic Records and using The Awareness Techniques of William Swygard, she has authored a book of cases of individuals who recalled past lives as their opposite sex — a phenomenon she calls the Dual-Gender Soul. To date, Amy has published 22 books, and in 2001, added nutrition support to her services to help clients improve their health.

Amy Shapiro, M. Ed.


New Age Sages books, reports, consults

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