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CAA Presents. Mounts and their Markings, with Jennifer Hirsh on 29 August 2021.

Date: Sunday 29 August 2021

Time: 10:50 am for 11 am SAST (please note that it’s a morning event)

Venue: Zoom meeting (link access from 10:50 am)

Fee: Please see Payment details Everyone is Welcome!

About the Presentation

The attributes of the archetypal characteristics of ancient gods were, in the old years of traditional palmistry, ascribed to fleshy pads which to a great or lesser degree contour over our palms. Qualities of the seven celestial bodies, the Moon and Sun, and the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, were correlated with seven individual mounts.

Today, the symbolic associations of the latter-day planets, Uranus, Neptune, and more recently Pluto have also been ascribed to and superimposed upon areas of the palms, and their associated qualities accommodated into hand reading systems.

Each individual mount is a capacitor of energy that relates to and represents the different components of our human experience; their symbologies underpin all lineal and dermatoglyphic interpretations.

In this presentation, we will learn about the positions of the mounts, and take a close look at four of the most tried and tested and loved lineal patterns that appear on our mounts; Healing Stigmata (on Mercury), Ring’s of Solomon (on Jupiter), Stars of Tears (in Plains of Mars) and the Mystic Cross (in the Quadrangle).

About the Speaker

Chirologist, writer, intuitive counselor, hand reading teacher, and Mosiac artist Jennifer Hirsch had pioneered Chirology in South Africa since 1991. She lives in South Coast, KZN, South Africa, where she reads people’s hands (in person or online) and teaches Chirology. Jennifer has a YouTube channel that is dedicated to helping people to read hands.

She has authored five books about Chirology, palmistry, and hands reading: Illustrated Chirology Palmistry Hand reading; God Given Glyphs – Fingerprints; Training Manual – How to read Hands and Palmistry – Sign & Symbols on the Mounts; The Craft of Palmistry: Five Element Chirology and Cross-Referencing Hands – Traits A – Z. You can contact Jen: Cell: 0824150653

You can find more information on her website. or Facebook page

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