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CAA Presents. Pre Natal Moon and Moon cycles with Laurie Naughtin on 28 November 2021

Date: Sunday 28 November 2021

Time: 10:50 for 11 am SAST (morning event)

Venue: Zoom meeting (room access and friendly community chat from 10:50 am)

Fee: Please see Payment details everyone is Welcome

About the Presentation

Pre Natal Moon and Moon cycles in the progressed chart

Many astrologers find it imperative to look at the New Moon, also known as the Karmic Moon, before the actual birth of a client. New Moons occur and bring about rebirth after the completion of a cycle.

The Moon’s cycle in a chart reveals our approach to life, our soul’s journey, and the flow of events as we progress through the years. As the Moon is the ruler of our soul and our soul’s journey, it would be interesting to see where the new Moon is placed during the time we are in the womb. I feel it is at this is the point the soul may enter our body to begin the lessons of life our soul needs to grow.

The house, sign, and position this prenatal Moon has chosen in the pre-natal New Moon chart is our sensitive point, the lesson our soul’s journey is taking us on, the theme we face for this lifetime. The progressed Moon continues to energise the cycles of death and birth, going dark with every balsamic cycle only to rebirth with every new Moon cycle. 

Laurie will show you how to work out your prenatal new Moon and take you on your soul’s journey as you follow your Moon’s cycles through life.

About the Speaker

Laurie Naughtin started her studies with Anita Noyes-Smith in 1996, Qualified in Medieval Astrology through Robert Zoller in 1977, Qualified in advanced astrological studies including time rectification and relocation with Jeanette Martins, opened her internationally accredited Sublunar Academy of Astrology in 2002. Received her diploma in Horary Astrology with Jacqueline Brook and completed her Consulting skills course with ISAR in 2012. In 2017 received The Renaissance Astrology Magic diploma through Christopher Warnock, diploma in Election studies with Christopher Warnock in 2019. Laurie has been a committee member of the Association Society of South African Astrology for 10 years and was elected Chairlady in 2016. In 2019 she became the President of Astrology South Africa. Contact details or

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