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CAA Presents: “The A-B-C’s of Eris”, with Astro-Therapist Amy Shapiro M.Ed, Sunday, 28 August 2022

Date: Sunday 28 August 2022

Time: 15:50 for 16:00 SAST (afternoon event)

Venue: Zoom meeting (room access and friendly community chat from 15:50 am)

Fee: Please see Payment details everyone is Welcome.

About the Presentation

The A-B-C’s of Eris

Like many seasoned astrologers, when Eris was discovered, Amy resisted the new learning curve. But Eris had other plans! While researching cases for Forces at Work: Astrology and Career, Amy caught a big Eris curve-ball and hasn’t looked back since. Adding Eris to subjects’ charts shed intriguing new light on each soul’s journey that so shocked Amy, she felt compelled to spend the next year immersed in all-things-Eris, resulting in Inviting Eris to the Party: Our Provocateur in Unfair Affairs

In this talk, Amy will introduce the Eris she’s come to know, respect and love, as a unique member of our astrological family. She’ll show how Eris stirs the pot in today’s paradoxical world, wherein once-dismissed voices will be heard and re-enfranchised. Topical cases will confirm how Eris truly is a provocateur in unfair affairs. If, like Amy, you’ve resisted adding Eris to charts, you’ll better understand Eris’ special role in our ongoing spiritual development, and feel more prepared to take Eris’ dare, to interpret her often-veiled — and tricky — messages!

As you may guess, Amy’s delivery combines stimulating information with joy, something Eris also helped her embrace more fully. So sharpen your wit, and get ready to learn and laugh together as Amy explains the A-B-C’s of Eris! While her title makes Eris sound basic enough for anyone to master, you will discover that once you’ve invited Eris to be part of your life, she’s likely to have an intriguing and compelling plan for you too!   

About the Speaker

After studying for 5 years at the Boston School of Astrology, and taking on leadership roles in the Boston area astrological organizations (Star Rovers and NCGR), Amy went on to earn her undergraduate BA degree with a focus on Education and Psychology, then her Master’s Degree in Education, Guidance and Counseling Psychology, and has taught on all levels –preschool to college and beyond. She has received additional Mind-Body training for stress management, and self-hypnosis, the multi-level Awareness Techniques, T’ai Chi, Nutrition, and more.  

Of all the planets, Earth is Amy’s favorite, as her Earth Asc and 3 personal earthy planets confirm.  Besides enjoying the rocks, woods and beaches of Gloucester, MA, USA, Amy’s an avid gardener with 16 flower beds, herb garden, 4 blueberry bushes, large veg garden, and 3 hydro-aeroponic vertical gardens that yield fresh organic greens all year. A heart-centered Leo, Amy’s pride and joy are her sons and grandsons! Giving them the benefit of astrological insights has, she knows, been a great gift and blessing for their development and success. 

In helping clients, Amy draws upon 57 years of astrological observations and life experience, whether to help people reach their potentials, purge toxic situations, assess relationships or pick dates for events. She’s published 22 books that aid personal-growth via T’ai Chi, the I Ching, Humor Therapy, Reincarnation and the wisdom of Astrologers Dr. Oskar Adler from Vienna, Austria, and Isabel Hickey from Boston, Massachusetts, USA, Amy’s beloved Teachers whose biographies she published. Two of her books take readers on mystical adventures that challenge old paradigms. During the pandemic, Amy and Michaela joined forces to publish Dr. Adler’s The Critique of Pure Music — a “wonder-full” major undertaking! 

What kind of Eris provocateur is Amy?  You’ll find out during her talk! Amy serves clients remotely and hosts a free monthly zoom group for clients to offer insights and coping skills for today’s transits.  You can “meet” Amy in her recordings from her MayJune and July zooms. To learn more about Amy or to contact her, please visit New Age Sages.

Amy Shapiro, M. Ed.
978-283-5039 (h) / 978-290-0859 (c)
New Age Sages books, reports, consults
Evidence-based nutrition ~ Hydro-aeroponic growing 

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