New Committee and Focus for CAA

Dear CAA community,

We had an intimate but constructive meeting at iKhaya Lodge last night (30 Oct 2014).

This is the new committee:

Richard Fidler (Chairperson)
Theo Naicker (Secretary)
Cheryl Hill (Treasurer)
Dianne Garven
Luke Velethongweni Luies (Librarian)
Emmanuelle Brown

At this stage we can share with you the following important resolutions:

  •  we will for the foreseeable future return to using iKhaya Lodge as the venue for our monthly talks, and we commit to making sure there is always a speaker
  • we will have a schedule of the speakers for the first 6 months of 2015 within a few weeks
  • the library system will be improved: a catologue of the library books will be accessible on the CAA website, and we will establish convenient drop off points in key locations where books can be returned
  • any members who paid membership fees in the past year will have their membership term extended to compensate for the months of inactivity of the CAA
  • committee members need to be paid up members (this was not previously the case)

Other plans and changes have been discussed to expand the membership base of the CAA, and to improve its service to the local astrological community, but the above is a summary of the most important points that will receive the immediate attention of the committee.

Thank you everyone for your input and encouragement. Please support this refreshed focus by becoming a paid up member and attending the exciting talks and events we will be organizing. Use the library and help us expand it. Participate.

We look forward to co-creating with you a stellar 2015 for the Cape Astrology Association.

-the CAA team

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