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CAA January 2023 Hybrid Meeting – Online Zoom & In Person

Earth, Southern Sky & Chiron

Date: Sunday 29 January 2023

Time: 3.45 pm for 4 pm (SAST) (Please note this is an afternoon event.) 

Venue: Zoom meeting (link access from 3:45 pm SAST) 


Cape Town Special: For those in the area and able to join, we are very pleased to also offer a private personal gathering option in Kommetjie, where we can meet and enjoy the Zoom Presentation together. Books may also be loaned from the CAA library.

RSVP for both online or on location presence until lunchtime Friday 26 January 2023.

For Kommetjie gathering, please RSVP via email to or whatsapp message to Michaela to book your spot as seating is limited. First come, first served will be the rule. Snacks and soft drinks will be provided, great astrology will be enjoyed.

For Zoom attendance, please also RSVP via email to or whatsapp message to Karen or Michaela so we have an idea of online numbers as well.

Non-member Fee: R90 for South Africans, 15USD or 15EUR for international attendees. Please see our website for payment details. Everyone is Welcome!

Bookings close at lunchtime on Friday 27 January 2023.
All welcome!


About the Presentation

Earth, Southern Sky & Chiron

Natasha Rightford remembers Earth in astrology and shares Chiron as the soul-star connector.

She takes a fresh look at our water planet’s electromagnetic trick and human beingness as a microcosm of our Sun’s system.

Coming from a 34 degree south perspective, Chiron as Centaurus and protector of the Southern Cross, is where we sacrifice our suffering for healing, where we find our medicine.

This talk shows you how to listen-in and allow anti-hero Chiron his healing hand for the genius (of Prometheus, our creator) to be free.

About the Speaker

Natasha Rightford began her astrology practice with her African stars and seers and then her healer-teachers: Dr Mary, Credo Mutwa, Jutta Kellenberger, Tamsin Stewart, Anita Noya-Smith, Robert Zoller, Adam Gainsburg, Bernadette Brady, Darrelyn Gunzberg, Gary Caton, Melanie Reinhart, Liz Greene, Tara Aal, Aswin Subamanyan, Kelly Hunter, her peers, clients, family, friends and LIFE, with all the readings since 2012 when she finally learned how to read a chart so that it is meaningful & beneficial AND for having her laptop and books stolen more than twice so that she would have no other guide than what sky showed her on earth. Her Taoyin practice connecting Earth’s healing energy with Heaven’s blessings and her work as a neuro-muscular therapist help to keep her centered to ensure her astrology is useful, medicinal and hopefully a bit wow too.

Contact details



WhatsApp: +2782 303 3150

Karen James +27 79 302 3242
Michaela Meiser +27 83 264 0547