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Life After Saturn Square Neptune: The Shape of Things to Come, Nick Dagan Best & Richard Fidler, 30 Oct 2016, Shamballah


Date: Sunday 30 Oct 2016
Time: 10:30am for 11:00am
Venue: Shamballah, near Cape Point (directions)
Fee: Members free, non-members R50, all welcome!

We approach the end of 2016, and look back on a rather turbulent and distressing year in the world. This seems to be at least partly due to the disorientating Square of Saturn and Neptune, and a prolonged Conjunction of Mars and Saturn. As we are gradually released from the grip of this Saturn-Neptune Square, and arrive at the separation of the Uranus/Pluto Square that has shaken things up for a few years now, it’s high time to look ahead, to glimpse if we may, the shape of things to come.

Join astrologers Nick Dagan Best and Richard Fidler in speculating on where things are heading in 2017, and what we can expect globally, as well as personally, in the year ahead. Bring your own charts, observations and theories along, and we’ll weave it into the collectively conjured vision of what is emerging on the next horizon.

See you there!


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