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CAA Presents. Mounts and their Markings, with Jennifer Hirsh on 29 August 2021.

Date: Sunday 29 August 2021

Time: 10:50 am for 11 am SAST (please note that it’s a morning event)

Venue: Zoom meeting (link access from 10:50 am)

Fee: Please see Payment details Everyone is Welcome!

About the Presentation

The attributes of the archetypal characteristics of ancient gods were, in the old years of traditional palmistry, ascribed to fleshy pads which to a great or lesser degree contour over our palms. Qualities of the seven celestial bodies, the Moon and Sun, and the planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, were correlated with seven individual mounts.

Today, the symbolic associations of the latter-day planets, Uranus, Neptune, and more recently Pluto have also been ascribed to and superimposed upon areas of the palms, and their associated qualities accommodated into hand reading systems.

Each individual mount is a capacitor of energy that relates to and represents the different components of our human experience; their symbologies underpin all lineal and dermatoglyphic interpretations.

In this presentation, we will learn about the positions of the mounts, and take a close look at four of the most tried and tested and loved lineal patterns that appear on our mounts; Healing Stigmata (on Mercury), Ring’s of Solomon (on Jupiter), Stars of Tears (in Plains of Mars) and the Mystic Cross (in the Quadrangle).

About the Speaker

Chirologist, writer, intuitive counselor, hand reading teacher, and Mosiac artist Jennifer Hirsch had pioneered Chirology in South Africa since 1991. She lives in South Coast, KZN, South Africa, where she reads people’s hands (in person or online) and teaches Chirology. Jennifer has a YouTube channel that is dedicated to helping people to read hands.

She has authored five books about Chirology, palmistry, and hands reading: Illustrated Chirology Palmistry Hand reading; God Given Glyphs – Fingerprints; Training Manual – How to read Hands and Palmistry – Sign & Symbols on the Mounts; The Craft of Palmistry: Five Element Chirology and Cross-Referencing Hands – Traits A – Z. You can contact Jen: jen@cheiro.co.za Cell: 0824150653

You can find more information on her website. https://godgivenglyphs.com/ or Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/GodGivenGlyphs/

CAA Presents. Weather Astrology – An Introduction, with Karen James on 25 July 2021.

Date: Sunday 25 July 2021

Time: 10:50 am for 11 am SAST (please note that it’s a morning event)

Venue: Zoom meeting (link access from 10:50 am)

Fee: Please see Payment details Everyone Welcome!

About the Presentation

The Sun, the Moon, and Mercury are the main actors in the daily drama that unfolds across our skies, as they bring heat, moisture, and wind to our atmosphere. In addition, the Benefics bring seasonal weather to farmers and the Malefics being serious storms. It’s a fascinating tale told by the charts. Predicting devastating storms month or years in advance can be truly helpful, and weather almanacs help farmers plan their activities. One great advantage is objective feedback. We get to experience the accuracy of our predictions. Karen will present the symbols, the techniques, and some illustrative examples of weather astrology in action.

Benefits of weather astrology to astrologers in general: Firstly, Weather astrology uses mundane techniques and by shifting focus from earth and sky, we can use the same information to watch national and international world events play out. Secondly, weather presents such an archetypal picture of the planets, signs, and aspects that you can use these images to deepen your understanding of natal charts.

Karen James

About the Speaker

Karen James began exploring modern psychological astrology in 2005. She completed Rod Suskin’s Diploma in Astrological Studies in 2014 which enabled her to incorporate traditional astrological wisdom into her practice which is focussed mainly on natal, predictive, electional astrology. Carolyn Egan’s course opened the door to her understanding of Weather Astrology and she continues to deepen her studies. Weather Astrology is currently a fascinating hobby, and her ultimate aim is to predict devastating local weather in order to give her neighbours advanced warning, and produce an almanac that could be of benefit to her neighbouring farmers. Prior to finding her joy in astrology, she worked in the business world in various capacities – bookkeeping, cost accounting, and database administration. Born in the Windy City of Port Elizabeth, South Africa in July 1963 she now lives on a farm in the foothills of the Outeniqua Mountains in the beautiful Garden Route. From the west-facing deck of her home, she watches the weather unfold – from a devastating fire brought to the farm via a strong northerly berg wind in late October 2018 to the very recent gale-force winds which ripped branches from trees and wreaked havoc on neighbouring farms.

CAA Monthly Zoom Meeting. Ceres: Bridging the Worlds by Louise Edington. 31st January 2021

Date: Sunday, 31 January 2021

Time: 4:45pm for 5pm SAST (please note change of starting time)

Venue: Zoom meeting (link access from 4:45pm SAST)

Fee: Please see Payment Details. Everyone Welcome!

About the Presentation

In this webinar, Louise will examine how Ceres’ discovery, it’s promotion from Asteroid number 1 to Dwarf planet, and it’s involvement with the paradigm-shift and major conjunction of January 12th 2020, is contributing to healing the issue of separation in our world. 

About Louise Edington

Louise Edington has been studying and practicing Astrology as an interest for 30 years and working professionally as an Evolutionary Astrologer since 2012. Known as the Cosmic Owl of Cosmic Owl Astrology, Louise loves to combine all of her passions as an Astrologer, writer, Shamanic Healer and certified Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapist. 

Louise helps clients regain a deep connection with the cycles of the Universe so that they create an extraordinary life experience. She provides Astrological counselling, Astrology classes and offers a Cosmic Owl Membership Community.

You may learn more about her services at louiseedington.com. and also follow Louise at the following links. https://louiseedington.com/

Louise’s two books, ‘The Complete Guide to Astrology’ (https://amzn.to/305wDSU) and ‘Modern Astrology: Harness the Stars to Discover Your Soul’s True Purpose’ (https://amzn.to/3kPaLDf) are available at all major booksellers including Indie outlets.

CAA Monthly Zoom Lecture. The year 2021. By Richard Fidler and Nancy Massing. 20 December 2020.

Date: 20 December 2020

Time: 10:45 am for 11 am (SAST)

Venue: Zoom meeting(link access from 10:45 am)

Fee: Please see: attendance payment. Everyone welcome!

Note: Bookings for attendance close at 5 pm on the 19th December 2020. After 5 pm, the recording can be purchased for viewing.

About the Talk

Global events and trends always have significance and can impact our personal lives directly. This is especially true during world-changing and pivotal years, as we have all experienced during the dramatic events of 2020. We close the year off with the important Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction that marks this time as a major new beginning in world affairs. As we approach a new calendar year, join Richard and Nancy for a review of 2020, and exploration of what lies ahead in 2021. This presentation caters for the general public, as well as those familiar with the astrological language.

About the Speakers

Richard Fidler practices as a Vedic astrologer and Nancy Massing as a western astrologer. They regularly collaborate in their work. In 2019 their astrological forecast for the South African general election was published by Business Insider. They also worked together in organizing the Astrology Restored Conference in Cape Town in 2015, featuring Robert Hand, as well as lecturing together in India. Richard resides in the United Kingdom and Nancy lives between Cape town and the Netherlands.

Richard Fidler
Nancy Massing & Robert Hand

CAA Monthly Talk: Solar Returns

 DATE: Thursday 21st November 2013

 TIME: 18h30 for 19h00

 VENUE: Theosophical Society, 3 Rheede st.   (off Kloof st.)

 FEE: CAA members free; Visitors R50

 Booking is not required.
Tea & coffee will be served – bring your friends!


This month we are pleased to be welcoming Rod Suskin, who will be sharing his insights on Solar Returns.  This is bound to be an enlightening talk, so please join us!

Rod Suskin

About Rod: Rod is professional Astrologer, author and Sangoma based in Cape Town, South Africa.  He has studied Astrology since the age of 11, and after graduating with a BA in Psychology at Wits (1983), began practicing as a full-time Astrologer in 1989.  Rod was initiated as a Swazi Sangoma in 1982, which has fostered a special interest in Medical Astrology.  He has authored 4 published books, and self-published a few more.

In addition, he has written a wide variety of articles for major publications, made meditation CD’s, and created a series of computer programs for Astrologers.  Rod has numerous long standing radio slots, has lectured extensively around the world, and teaches a three-year Diploma in professional astrology.  Most recently he has been working on his Masters Degree in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at the University of Wales, Lampeter.

Read more about Rod and his very successful Astrology practice and school here: http://www.rodsuskin.com

Your Hands and Your Horoscope: Lucky draw!


Upcoming event: CAA Monthly speaker; Topic: Your Hands and your Horoscope

Date: Thursday 20th June 2013; Time: 18h30 for 19h00; Venue: iKhaya Lodge


Last chance to enter the LUCKY DRAW!!  Reply to this email with “pick me” in the subject line  (or go to our Facebook page), it could be your hands and horoscope that are analyzed!  The draw will be held on the 13th June.

Full details here: https://www.caa.org.za/hands-horoscope-20june/  or in this flyer: 20th June Speaker flyer.


The Cape Astrology Association (CAA) hosts monthly talks relating to Astrology.  Find out more at https://www.caa.org.za/, or chat to us on Facebook.

Your Hands and Your Horoscope: Thursday 20 June 2013, iKhaya Lodge


Upcoming event: CAA Monthly speaker

Topic: Your Hands and your Horoscope

Date: Thursday 20th June 2013

Time: 18h30 for 19h00

Venue: iKhaya Lodge

This month we’re discussing Your Hands and your HoroscopeJennifer Hirsch and Dianne Garven will be doing a comparative analysis of one lucky readers Astrology chart, as well as their hand reading.


If you would like to enter the lucky draw for the comparative analysis: Reply to this email with “pick me” in the subject line  (or go to our Facebook page).

The draw will be held on the 13th June.  The lucky winner will need to meet with the hosts beforehand for hand prints, and provide D.O.B details.   You get to take home a recording of the session, professionally done hand prints and your natal chart.


Admission: Free for CAA members/ R30 for non-members.

Available for purchase at the talk: God Given Glyphs Book (R170); ♦Bound A5 e-books ‘Craft of Hand Reading’ and ‘Traits of Being – A-Z’ (R150 for both); ♦Lunar Calendars at the giveaway price of R40.


Jen 20Jun

Jennifer Hirsch has been a pioneer in the art of Chirology for over 20 years.  She is a successful Chirologist, writer, intuitive counsellor and hand reading teacher. She uses Chirology as a powerful means by which to connect, support, listen, understand and heal.  http://www.godgivenglyphs.com


Di 20Jun

Dianne Garven is an experienced practitioner of ‘traditional astrology’, and is most happy when making a positive difference in her client’s lives.  She hosts Astrology workshops, tutors Diploma students, and teaches an Astrology foundation course.  http://www.digarvenastrology.co.za


The Cape Astrology Association (CAA) hosts monthly talks relating to Astrology.  Find out more at https://www.caa.org.za/, or chat to us on Facebook.

20th June Speaker flyer