Our monthly talks are recorded and freely available to our members to view as many times they like. The talks are also available for a nominal fee for non-members.

Take a look at our Meetings & Notices page for fees and payments. For further details on each talk, simply click on the date hyperlink next to each topic.

Kindly send an email to to request a specific video view link using the talk details as mail reference.

List of CAA Talks

The Year 2020 – High Tide in the Affairs of Men – CAA presentation – June 2020

Zodiacal Releasing by Rod Suskin – CAA Presentation – August 2020

The Dancing Stars: Combining the Synodic Cycles of Venus and Mars by Nick Dagan Best – CAA Presentation – September 2020

Mirror Mirror: Famous People and the Actors that portrayed them by Alex Trenoweth – CAA Presentation – October 2020

Finding your Life Purpose through Draconic Astrology by Victor Olliver – CAA Presentation – November 2020

2021 by Nancy Massing & Richard Fiddler – CAA presentation – Dec 2020

Ceres Bridging the Worlds by Louise Eddington – CAA Presentation – Jan 2021

Music and Astrology by Michaela Meiser – CAA Presentation – Feb 2021

Panic Disorders & Astrology by Eric Pride – CAA Presentation – March 2021

Timing Planetary Activations by Patrick Watson – CAA Presentation – April 2021

Where are you going? The Lunar Key to Life Direction and Mental Health by Nathan Theo Naicker – CAA Presentation – May 2021

Dimensions of Relationship by Amy Shapiro – CAA Presentation – June 2021

Weather Astrology – An Introduction by Karen James – CAA Presentation – July 2021

The Mounts and their Markings by Jennifer Hirsch – CAA Presentation – August 2021

The Cross Quarters by Mj Patterson – CAA Presentation – September 2021

Astro-Biochemic Keys to Health in Pandemic Times by Alison Effting – CAA Presentation – Oct 2021

Eclipses Impacting America by Karen James – CAA Presentation – Jan 2022

Astrology and Polarity Therapy by Michaela Meiser – CAA Presentation – Feb 2022

Vedic Astrology of the Stars – Introduction to Jyotisa Naksatra by Nathan Theo Naicker – CAA Presentation – March 2022

Methods to make Horary Astrology come Alive! by Laurie Naughtin – CAA Presentation – April 2022

Astrological Dreamwork by Alex Trenoweth – CAA Presentation – May 2022

Celebrating the Solstice – Discussion with Karen James – CAA Presentation – June 2022

Black Moon Lilith – by Michaela Meiser – CAA Presentation – July 2022