Cape Astrology Association

Cape Astrology Association is Affiliated With Astrology South Africa

Zoom Meeting Protocol

Please note the following meeting protocol:

  1. Please ensure that your sound is muted and your video is turned off during the presentation.
  2. Please be mindful that public chats tend to be disruptive to the speaker and the listeners, (however, the chat and video bar can be minimized if you prefer minimal interaction).
  3. We welcome and invite Q&A’s at the end of the presentation.

Some handy tips to ensure best quality Zoom experience:

  • Close DropBox, Outlook and/or Apps open on your desktop.
  • An Ethernet cable helps with a stable internet connection.

The recording of the presentation will be available within a week after the event. You will be able to view for a period of 14 days.

Please contact Nancy via WhatsApp on 0826006207 should you experience any problems.